Rieslingfeier – 18th April

Is Riesling the best white grape variety in the world? Join us on Sunday 18th April as Aine Conran from Heart & Soil presents all things German Riesling in what will be a relaxed yet informative afternoon. We will explore the origin, diversity and it’s ability to cover the entire spectrum of sweetness from bone dry to decadently sweet. You will explore ten different wines across four flights from four different regions of planet Riesling. 

We will be firing up the spit, roasting some pork with rolls, roasties and sauerkraut to accompany. 

The first flight will look at four of the most renowned Riesling producing regions in Germany; Rheinhessen, Rheingau, Mosel and Pfalz. Being arguably the most expressive grape of it’s terroir, the second flight will focus on three wines making single site expressions and the nuances each site can produce. Flight three will focus on two Grosses Gewächs or ‘GG’s’ – the Grand Cru’s of Germany. Like the grand crus of Burgundy, these wines take the name of the vineyard and not the village. 

The fourth and final flight will focus on an exceptional late harvest wine from one of the most prestigious producers in Germany.

Follow the link below for tickets for what promises to be a fun, educational afternoon for lovers of Riesling and those who are curious to explore. 


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